First week of session 5 in Spark Studio

Welcome to Session 5! We excitedly welcomed back a hero who had been away and reconnected with our contract. A town meeting brought up problems that were important to heroes such as whether math, writing and reading goals should be set in a particular order and how to be sure heroes are giving concise responses during launches. Our young learners express their feelings and give supporting evidence about what solutions will work best in our community. Work time is, as always, a busy hub of curiosity. We have heroes conquering new math topics, carefully writing stories that are meaningful to them and poring over books, excited to recall plot points and how they might add to the story. They research natural findings and perform science experiments using studio plants and materials.  

Heroes discuss empathy with confidence and they come up with new ways to understand fellow travelers. We will start to discuss the larger communities we are part of and what empathy looks like on a grander scale. Spark studio heroes have made visits to the office where a mindfulness station has been set up. This is a space to name emotions and use tools to self- regulate until a hero is calm again and can rejoin fellow travelers.

Session 5 Quest work is under way as heroes practice acting out and identifying different types of force and motion.  This led to an exploration of magnetic force and we spent an afternoon determining whether magnets work in water, what materials in our studio were magnetic, and which part of a magnet housed its poles. We began discussing simple machines focusing on inclined planes first. Heroes got firsthand experience on our playground’s slide!

For next week’s Building Museum field trip we are collecting some items, if you can, please bring in recyclables by following the guidelines below:

  • Paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, and egg cartons are great
  • Please don’t bring any juice or water bottles, glass or metal containers
  • No containers that have held milk or nuts

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