Magical Moments: Session 5 Week 4

As a child, my cousins and I played “Harry Potter”. We created a Diagon Alley out of cardboard boxes and bought wands and robes. We made class schedules, taught classes, and even assigned homework. It was an imaginative and thrilling experience for us that I was excited to share.

This week, the Heroes traveled to Hogwarts. A quick jump through Platform 9 ¾ and they were instantly transported to the castle. Each Hero was sorted into our very own Village School Houses: Pisces (passion and perseverance), Sparrowflight (work ethic and determination), Bunyiptooh (caring), and Tygeris (responsibility). If the Sorting Hat was placed on your head, where would you end up?

By earning galleons from badges, the Heroes purchased supplies from Diagon Alley. Some adopted pets or adorned stylish capes. When the owls escaped from the Emporium, each Hero rescued an owl and received mail from owl post for the rest of the week.

But it wasn’t all fun and games- the Heroes got down to serious magical business. They cast spells (Spelling), made a potion (Healthy Lifestyle), and divined the future (Aleks Quicktables). In other words, Core Skills took on a new twist. The Heroes got good exercise in PE by chasing after the golden snitch and doing Crossfit Broomstick-style. They discussed civilizations in History of Magic. At the end of the week, they fought off a dementor by creating a strong patronus: a piece of artwork that depicted their spirit animal and a happy memory. We created our own magical education, like many days but this time, literally.

The most magical part of the week, however, was the support that the Heroes showed one another. Heroes are becoming excellent teachers, and are always willing to answer a fellow Hero’s questions. They are navigating how to play games fairly and be considerate towards everyone. They support each other by practicing spelling words together and doing Khan practice problems as a math group. It is inspiring to experience.

Hope you had a magical week too!

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