Whirlwind Week- Session 5: Week 5

What a week! Heroes recorded their official podcasts and debated the merits of Caesar Augustus ingratiating himself as 3rd consul in Rome. They polished scaled drawings and put the finishing touches on their playground models. They enjoyed a yummy CSA lunch on Tuesday and wrote thank you notes as part of our gratitude project. The new game at recess is ‘Infection’. Over 15 badges were awarded at our Badge Ceremony and per tradition, a celebratory dance party occured. And somewhere admist all that, we had an exhibition where the Heroes shared their learning with friends and family.

Exciting announcement! The final votes from the Exhibition have been tallied. All of the Heroes put an exceptional amount of hard work into their designs and all designs would have been a great addition to our playground. Each design received multiple votes, demonstrating the excellent design work, but there was a winner. I’m excited to announce that the “Fallen Down Treehouse” design has won. The design includes a system of ramps leading to a zipline and demonstrated feasibility, creativity, and safety.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, the Heroes traveled into D.C. today to learn about African American culture and history, and enjoy the cherry blossom bloom with some paddle boating.

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