Spring has Sprung: Session 6 Week 1

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

— Margaret Atwood

The Village School Wolves began Session 6 with a spring in their step. As with every start of a session, there are new challenges around every corner as well as old favorites like Core Skills.

Civilization takes us to Ancient Rome. The Heroes will discuss the leadership merits of Cinnatus, Julius Caesar, and Augustus Caesar. The Heroes will evaluate state decisions through religious turmoil, empire rebellion, and ultimately, witness the downfall of a great civilization. It will almost be a re-LEAF to move into early Europe.

The Writer’s Workshop is Pitch a Field Trip. Heroes will learn how to deliver a succinct and effective pitch. The challenge: propose a field trip for Session 7. The studio will vote on the best pitch. This week, we watched the Brightwheel pitch on Shark Tank as a world-class example of a pitch!

In art, the Heroes will participate in a global art exchange this session. They have worked on many techniques throughout the year and will polish one piece of art to share with another classroom from somewhere in the world. We talked about how art can tell a story or share an emotion, and the Heroes are anticipating that they will learn even more during our field trip to the National Art Gallery.

Last, but certainly not least, the Heroes will create a community garden as Quest. They will begin as scientists, learning the basics of plant science, and then transition into actually planning and planting their garden. We are excited to get our hands dirty and find our inner peas in the springtime weather.

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