“I want to do an experiment!” Session 6 begins!

“I want to do an experiment!” a young hero exclaimed! Session 6 has started off with excitement. Our botany quest has included some scientific questioning and hands on discovery and some heroes have expanded on these ideas and developed experiments all their own. You start with a sense of wonder and then, after playing around with ideas and systems, you decide to create something entirely new. As a guide, an exclamation like this leads to asking questions like: what materials do you need? what do you hope to discover and what outcome do you predict?

Heroes practiced “close looking” in art and continued these techniques in quest time observing veins in leaves, liquid in stems, and granules and sediments in soil. Heroes wrote stories and joyously shared the fun things they did while away from school. They enjoyed new books on our shelves and made equations at our math provocation table. We read and discussed hero stories about artists like Vincent Van Gogh who worried sometimes but felt calmed by painting the way light looked on rolling hills and Katie Bouman who worked hard and followed her passion to form an algorithm to create an image of a black hole!

We wrapped up the week with a trip to into D.C. After using the map to navigate the art museum, heroes sketched the shapes they saw in Georgia O’ Keefe paintings and pondered where artists get their inspiration. They marveled at interactive exhibits and discussed the art they like to create. After lunch next to the reflecting pool, we explored endangered plants and cacti from some of the countries we studied in our studio! Heroes even got to do some planting and watering in the Children’s garden before braving the rainy walk back to the metro!

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