What does a Hero Celebration look like? Session 7: Week 3

Thinking back to our first Exhibition, I remember how everything was organized at the last minute. The group had trouble deciding who would be in charge and how to divide tasks. It took them multiple days to decorate (and some guide assistance).

Before this ceremony even began, I knew how much the Heroes had grown, not just individually but as a group. They wrote their own speeches and gave each other feedback. They sent out formal invitations to families. They decided what the theme would be, what kinds of snacks to make, and then made both of those things happen. This event was created by Heroes.

Our youngest Hero leading an important group discussion about set-up
After purchasing all the supplies, the Heroes broke into groups to prepare
The decorating committee blew up balloons and hung green and white streamers
Setting up chairs with the unwieldy chair cart
“SLOP” Kebabs- Strawberries, Lime, Orange, and Pineapple
Festive drinks and Ants on a Log from Spark Studio
Sharing the Hero’s Journey of this year
The ceremony begins! Heroes share lessons learned and notable experiences
Each Hero receives a Big Character Trait Rock

The Heroes’ Celebration is a time for reflection. Looking at the achievements of the Heroes from every perspective. We don’t just celebrate badges earned. We celebrate the growth that each badge took to achieve and the everyday experiences that shape you into the person that you are today. To all the Heroes out there, we hope that you continue to grow and flourish on your Hero’s Journey!

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