A Day in the Life: Session 7 Week 4

8:30 Each Hero is greeted at the door during arrival.

Good morning!

9:00 Gather for Mindfulness. A Hero leads a series of partner exercises.

World-Class Example
Almost there!

9:15 Writer’s Workshop is off and running. Today, some Heroes are finishing up their first drafts of a story while others are ready for peer critique.

Warm Cool Warm Feedback

10:45 After a quick brain break, “class” begins! 2 Heroes are reading- one with an audio book and another with a chapter book. Another Hero looks at his work plan and decides what to work on next. Below, 3 different lessons are happening- Level 1 Spelling, Level 2 Spelling, and Level 1 Math. This is an example of our individualized learning in action!

12:00 CSA lunch: connecting our healthy lifestyle program with yummy local food.

Menu: German Potato Salad, Lemon Sausage, and Crunchy Greens

1:00 Quest Launch. This week is Spy Training 101. The Heroes will have to break one code each day, culminating in a final team challenge.

Cracking the Caesar Cipher

2:25 After another good brain break, it’s the start of Math Power ½ Hour. This is a time for everyone to work on math together. It starts with math facts games and then Heroes switch to Khan, Aleks, or Dreambox.

2:55 Heroes clean the studio because taking care of your space is important.

3:15 After a busy day together, we close with an inspiration, connection, or get equipped for tomorrow.


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