A Climbed Tree and a Scraped Knee: Week 1

Spark Studio Spotlight

Our school year has begun in a flurry of excitement and Spark Studio was filled with more heroes than ever before! In a discussion, heroes shared they felt both nervous and excited about what was in store this year. When asked what they are most looking forward to, they answered, making new friends and trying new things. As they agreed upon our studio guardrails one hero noted that that being kind encompasses all our other rules, so it is ultimately most important. In true Village School School fashion, guides got to observe all of these elements in action in one location,the playground tree.

We watched as heroes carefully scaled the tree exhibiting bravery and dexterity. Once someone was on top of a branch, gleefully shouting down to the others it became a common goal. They used teamwork to coach and help one another navigate the tree and even cheered each other on, forming quick friendships with fellow climbers. When a knee was scraped against the bark of the tree, it provided a chance for a returning hero to show leadership and empathy as she rushed to get a band- aid and comforted her new fellow traveler.

A hero who struggled and doubted his abilities one afternoon, returned to the challenge with new determination. He was able to persevere and make it to the top branch, waving proudly from a place he couldn’t quite make it to the day before.

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