Mind the Gap: Week 2

Elementary Studio Spotlight

Recently, I’ve been thinking about this famous London tube reminder because it is relevant to these first weeks of building a strong community.

I know that the Heroes are capable of fantastic things. Directing their own learning, upholding community covenants, finding passions, and ultimately changing the world- to name a few. However, at the beginning of the year, the Heroes tend to underestimate their own potential: hence “the gap”.

They have their doubts and that is perfectly normal. For anything new, it takes experience to test your mettle and as a result, build up trust… in yourself.

Untangling knots in a Squad Challenge

Already in Week 2, there are moments that map the road ahead. The quiet Hero who embraced the leadership of a Squad. The Hero who finished a badge that was previously thought to be impossible, demonstrating to himself that hard work pays. The Hero who showed ultimate focus during Core Skills and has already earned a reading badge. The multiple Heroes holding hands and watching out for their buddies during our trip to the pond. 

First Passion Project in our new Maker’s Space

We know that our Heroes are more than capable of great challenges.  And by building on each of these moments, our Heroes believe it more and live it each day.

Climbing to new heights

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