Sharing Your Voice: Week 2

Spark Studio Spotlight

How does a hero use their voice in a community?

This is the question heroes will answer in our first session. Margaret J. Wheatley said that “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Spark Heroes are coming together and deciding what is important to them. Discussions honed in on what it means to listen actively, how they want our space to function and perhaps most importantly, what it means to be a friend. They decided that knowing someone’s name is important and played matching games with hero photos. Compromise is necessary in being a good friend so they acted out scenarios of people wanting the swings at once or reaching for the same book to read.

In our community everyone has a voice. In the book “Say Something”, heroes heard that their voices can be used to stand up for someone being treated unfairly, to share an idea or to be there for one another. Of course, using your voice looks differently to everyone. This week I saw heroes find their voice as they beat out a rhythm using the sticks in music class or using expressive marks in a bold art piece. Heroes spotted injustices as they told stories at lunch time claiming, “Hey, she hasn’t had a turn to talk yet.”

Heroes use their voice in each of their interactions where they advocate for themselves. Stating clearly that they can do it on their own or that they prefer things a certain way. They use their voice to help one another with zippers and containers and when they happen to be an expert on just how big a blue whale is. They also feel empowered to ask a fellow traveler for help because they are still learning and, in our community, that is encouraged. They world needs the voice of each of these heroes and they will each have opportunities to say something this year.

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