Spark Studio Session:1 Week 3

A pebble is dropped into the water and the nine heroes watch, in quiet reverence as ripples emanate to the outside of the bowl. How is an act of kindness like a pebble? Can its effects spread? Our mornings start with a launch that inspires our learners for the challenges ahead. They navigate social situations with kindness in mind. They take turns giving each other a push down the hill in the truck, they grab forgotten water bottles from the courtyard and they cheer each other on in collaborative games like Stone Soup.

They next morning’s launch features a video clip of a baby at different stages of learning to walk. How did the baby achieve his goal of getting around on his own? What are your goals at school? What work can you choose this morning to help you achieve that goal?Heroes excitedly share what they are most interested in and set off to work creating structures using magnetic tiles, matching flags to our puzzle maps, writing stories about creatures and filling out the hundreds board!

Afternoon projects this week allowed heroes to explore feelings that they and others might encounter. They made acorns, puppets and a wheel of feelings, each leading to discussions of when those emotions effected them. Afternoon reflection included naming moments from the day where heroes felt happiest. The most popular by far was when they independently organized a roll down the hill. See for yourself!

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