Week in Review

Session 1: Week 3

The Heroes have been hard at work this week. They have been learning in Core Skills, earning and recording points on Journey Tracker. They wrote Free Verse and Odes in Writer’s Workshop. Here’s one such poem:

Dear Village School,

I like that we teach ourselves

I also like that there are a lot of children to make friends with

Thank you for a great place to learn

Clean, sometimes it’s very quiet, and I feel like I’m very lucky

Limits, Freedom Levels, Learning a lot

And I hope that more people enroll and sign the contract!

True, it is sometimes very quiet (and other times not so much!) Quest is particularly full of collaboration. Squads explored the Hero’s Journey and tie-dying t-shirts was a particularly fun activity this week.

The Classic Hula-Hoop Challenge

I leave you with one reflection. This week, one Hero said, “I think every time that you go on a Hero’s Journey you change as a person. The circle gets bigger and bigger and you get bigger as a person but it also gets more complicated because you learn more about the world.”

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