Freedom to Learn

Session 1: Week 4

Heroes at The Village School have great freedoms. They set their own academic goals. They eat when they are hungry and take brain breaks as needed. At Free Time, they can run around outside or stay inside and read a book. 

“With great freedom comes great responsibility.” Trust is built on this foundation.

Exploring Trial and Error vs. Question Funnel Strategies during Quest

In Session 2, we begin Freedom Levels. This system is designed to give greater freedom to the Heroes who are ready for greater responsibility. There are 3 Freedom levels: Nesting, Flying, and Soaring.

For example, Heroes in Soaring can work in the studio or courtyard, listen to classical music or white noise to focus, and earn 15 minutes of extra free time on Fridays. 

Freedom and fun

The process to earn this Freedom Level starts now. The Heroes have already been working on Core Skills: their Core Skills work equates to points that they track in Journey Tracker. Last week, Heroes gave and received their first 360 Feedback. They heard feedback from their peers on how well they focus, clean up, and demonstrate honesty and grit. Then they set a Personal Growth Goal based on the feedback and will track their progress throughout the session. At the end of the Session, they’ll give and receive 360 Feedback again.

Working together on a Squad Challenge

To earn Soaring, a Hero must receive a high average (4.0-5.0) on the Full Circle Feedback and show a record of 3+ times that he/she worked on the Personal Growth Goal over the session. Next, Heroes will rate themselves honestly and must earn 4.0-5.0 average on the self-rating as well. Finally, a Hero must demonstrate that he/she is consistently working hard by earning an average of 150 points a week. These are not easy things to achieve; it is a great responsibility.

Creating a Squad Flag

Every Hero is up to the task. Some may struggle initially and that is okay. The three tiers of Freedom Levels support each Hero where they are in their journey. The process is a journey to accepting greater freedom and responsibility for their education and themselves.

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