Welcome to Session 2!

Session 2: Week 1

Imagine it is the year 2200. A new Century has begun! It is very different in the future. People transport instantly to any location. They live in floating house pods above the Earth. No one uses money any more: it’s all attached to your virtual account on the internet. And children don’t even go to school! Any knowledge that they need is instantly downloaded into their minds. 

But some curious humans still want to know about the past. They venture down to Earth and explore the ruins. They crawl over abandoned buildings covered in plants. One curious human still uses an old-fashioned metal detector and scans the ground for bits of metal. One day, the metal detector goes crazy. The human starts to dig and unearths a huge metal box. Inscribed on the top is The Village School 2019-2020. 

Filled with curiosity, the human pries open the box and pulls out artifact after artifact. Things that no longer exist! Things that are still used in 2200! But most importantly, the box tells the story of a unique microschool in Annandale, Virginia.

This session, the Heroes will create a Time Capsule for The Village School. Before they bury their Time Capsule, they will display all the objects in a museum exhibit for Exhibition. (Because aren’t museums really time capsules on a grand scale?)

The Time Capsule will include 3 important parts of The Village School story: the past, the present, and hopes for the future.

The Heroes will tell stories about their past in Writer’s Workshop. They will write memoirs that answer questions like how did you come here? Who are you as a person? Each Hero will write 4 concise stories, focusing on the writing skill of idea development.

Heroes will need to go through each step in the Writing Process to earn a Badge

The Heroes will also explore the ancient past. Twice a week in Civilization, we will read The Story of the World and have a Socratic Discussion. The Heroes can choose to earn a Civilization Badge by completing the weekly challenges: these challenges go above and beyond the weekly story, and include creating maps, researching important figures, and analyzing historical sources.

These are highlighted topics from each Chapter

The Heroes will tell stories of the present: collecting important moments from Core Skills, Art, and Passion Project. Specifically in Art, the Heroes will be challenged to create a work that tells a story of place. This art work will be shared in the Global Art Exchange where art is shared between classrooms around the world.

And they will share hopes for the future. In this Entrepreneurship Quest, the Heroes will create a Hot Chocolate Business. They will compete against other teams to design a successful business and ultimately, sell the most hot chocolate. The winning team will be able to choose how to use the funds for the school!

Each Challenge explores a topic in entrepreneurship

The Heroes are excited for this session, and we hope that you are too!

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