Spark Studio Session 2: Week 1

May we raise children
who love the unloved
things – the dandelion, the
worms and spiderlings.
Children who sense
the rose needs the thorn

& run into rainswept days
the same way they
turn towards sun…

And when they’re grown &
someone has to speak for those
who have no voice

may they draw upon that
wilder bond, those days of
tending tender things

and be the ones.

It is the first week of session 2 and a very rainy afternoon reminds me of a this poem by Nicolette Sowder. The morning was spent in our warm studio, reading, counting and using puzzle maps to locate the Himalayas. When our timekeeper for the day indicated free time, heroes debated whether or not to go outdoors. As we stood under the awning watching fat rain drops pummel the ground, I quickly thought up some indoor games that we could play instead. Yet as soon as the first hero bounded out the door, the rest gleefully followed. “We haven’t played in the rain together yet!”

We have a tight- knit group of young learners that are each filled with wonder and excited to learn by doing, even if it means some soggy clothing. I get to observe as they care for tender things and run into the rainswept days.

This session heroes will have opportunities to explore sharing their voice through the roles of various community members. Pretend play opportunities lets them step into the shoes of a postal worker,train engineer, farmer or vet. They will put real world skills into action by writing and following recipes, conducting science experiments and even creating a business. Heroes will answer big questions like what are the differences between things I want and need? What resources are natural and which do people provide? Through exploration of both the natural world and the roles of people who help one another, they begin to find a niche in the communities we are all a part of.

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