Joy: Session 2 Week 2

It has been a busy week in Elementary Studio! With two birthday celebrations and Halloween of course, the mood in the studio was celebratory. Here is the week in review:


In Civilization, we transitioned from the fall of Rome to the rise of the Byzantine Empire. Along the journey, the Heroes have stepped into the shoes of great leaders and made tough decisions about governance.

Creativity abounds during Passion Project

The Heroes drafted their first memoirs in Writer’s Workshop this week. The prompt “A time that I was Stuck at Home on a Rainy Day” inspired scenes of trash cans rolling down the street and a spooky time when the power went out. Their second prompt was “An Unusual Food” and Heroes wrote about everything from sickening seafood to odd combinations like apples and ketchup.

Supporting Fellow Travelers during Squad Meetings

In Quest, companies spent the week developing their brand through the Image Challenge. They examined popular brands and explored their effective marketing strategies. Then they created their own neat logos and crisp slogans. Each completed challenge brings them closer to launching their own business. During our field trip next week, the teams will do market research: surveying potential customers about product refinement and pricing.

A little teamwork on the swings

An important event that took place this week was Leadership Elections. The Leadership Council includes Studio Maintenance Champions for each studio and a Town Hall Meeting Leader. 

The voting process is more complicated than just submitting a vote. First, the group determined the responsibilities of each job as well as the most important character trait. Next the Heroes took turns trying out the roles. When it finally came time to vote, they cast their votes based on how often each leader fulfilled the responsibilities of the job and how strongly they exemplified the most important character trait. We applaud the courage of all the Heroes who chose to run and congratulate our Leadership Council for Session 2!

We hope that you had a lot to celebrate too!

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