Pride and Produce Session 2 Week 3

Spark studio heroes jumped in and began the week with an art launch continuing with themes of shape and culminating in some still life and figure drawing. I overheard powerful growth mindset phrases like “mistakes are a good thing” as they ensured each other that there is no wrong way to create art. They spent morning work time writing urgent sentences about volcanoes and excitedly finishing B.O.B books. Two heroes worked on a telling time game while another utilized our music corner by listening to and reading about songs from world playground.

Are you a producer or consumer? In the spirit of true experiential learning, heroes got a chance to be both during this week’s project time. They designed and produced a coloring book featuring one page by each of our learners. They were also smart consumers, writing a shopping list for our trip to the farmer’s market. Each hero was in charge of an ingredient and was given a budget to purchase it for the salad recipe. Next the Spark chefs made a list of steps to produce the salad. “Wash hands, wash veggies, peel carrots, chop tomatoes and radishes” It was time to get to work. A sense of pride filled the studio at closing as the heroes crunched on the healthy and colorful dish they created all on their own.

Find more great photos in the Parents Drive: Session 3 and Field Trip folders

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