Spark Studio Session 3 Week 2

The week begins with a game of sharks and minnows and stories of fun from the weekend. A launch on kindness and empathy poses questions to heroes about how they like to be treated and how they can fill the buckets of those around them. Our heroes talk about times when they feel frustrated and how big emotions can cloud our judgement. These can be the hardest times to remain kind but they ultimately decided that even when things aren’t going your way there is always a way to extend feedback that is thoughtful of others. As these kind acts take place throughout the day, heroes fill out kindness cards that are placed in a red bucket and recognized at closing. Our bucket has yet to be empty.

Morning work time remains a busy hub of of meaningful tasks. This week that included sewing pants that had gotten torn and writing notes to friends. Inspired by last session’s business quest heroes also set up shop to sell pillows they had made- although there weren’t many customers in the parking lot. This session includes a writer’s workshop that allows heroes to propose a pet they might like to have in our studio. This includes doing some research and coming up with a convincing argument for why that pet should be chosen.

Our project time puts our heroes in the shoes of world explorers. Each afternoon they draw another continent on their maps and we hear stories of traditions from that place. They decorated shiny Indian elephant decorations and made flags from Europe.They crafted play dough animals from Africa and talked about how following her dreams and not giving up made Jane Goodall a hero. The week culminated in a trip into the district where heroes were able to put their hands on a replica of a chimp, invent robots in the SparkLab, and confidently navigate the metro as self sufficient explorers. Don’t forget to check the parent drive for photos!

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