A New Year begins with Session 4!

Welcome to Session 4, the Heroes were excited to see each other again after our holiday break.

This session is all about building and integrity. Theater and process. Letter-writing and stories.

Monday began with a brand-new project: Process Drama. In process drama, the heroes work together to create a story through a mix of improv and acting. At the end of the session, they’ll perform their plays for Spark Studio.

Day One: Choosing stories, mapping an outline, and acting basics

In the Architecture Quest, the heroes will design a dream Acton Academy: learning about measurement and scale, creating blueprints, and building a final 3D model of their building. 

This is a team quest. Each team consists of 2 Architects.

In the Letter to a Hero Writer’s Workshop, the heroes will write letters to someone they admire. They’ll inquire about their hero’s life story and share their own journey, asking deep and interesting questions. Voice is the focus writing trait: how can you craft a letter that speaks true to you?

Each Writer’s Workshop takes the Heroes through the Writing Process

These themes are all tied to the big question, “How do I use my voice to build? How do I use my voice to deconstruct?”

We’re off and running!

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