Session 4 Begins

Stories of holiday happenings, new siblings, and volcanoes visited filled our studio as heroes were reunited after break. The excitement to see one another carried through the week and took the form of group hugs after cleaning up and belly laughs at lunch time. We also welcomed a new hero to the tribe. Heroes took pride in showing her the routine of Spark Studio and even helped her to sign our contract after discussing the agreement outlined there. They talked about how on a daily basis we uphold a culture of kindness, care of the studio, not distracting one another, and trying our best.

In this session, project time will have heroes play the role of architects designing  an ideal school or home. The quest will equip heroes to use the language of location describing items on a map or blueprint and locations in the studio. They will be introduced to different architects and their techniques and hero stories. Heroes will study animals as master builders and make connections to the natural world. Math and engineering concepts will be used in a tangible way by building 3-d structures and models. Projects will focus on material studies and serve as creative outlets with hands on building challenges. Spark architects will use the design process with a long term goal in mind.

After a busy first week of focused morning and “epic” snowball fights, heroes are ready to take on a new session!

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