Session 4 Week 2

“Let us give the children a vision of the universe.” Maria Montessori observed firsthand children’s eagerness to understand themselves, their world, and their place in it.  This week Spark heroes heard about Albert Einstein and talked about the particles, and laws that make up our universe. They recognized how curious famous scientists were and that they share a similar excitement for the world.

With context, our heroes form theories and have room for their imaginations to flourish. Heroes come up with experiments on their own and continue to share their interests with each other. While one hero tells us all they know about the Apollo mission another tells facts about the earth and when dinosaurs roamed it. Heroes connect these stories and begin to form a personal narrative as well as one as part of our community.

At the Science Center heroes built hover-crafts to fly in a wind tunnel. They created slime and compared what different additives do to its consistency. A crank was turned to build up pressure and shoot a plastic bottle up towards the ceiling. Afterwards,they spent the car ride talking about their favorite parts of the day and filling the backseat with laughter.

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