Marie Kondo for Kids?

Session 4: Week 3

Organization is hard for adults. Is it crazy to ask of children? Maybe not.

For 4 months, this hero had struggled with organization. She misplaced writing notebooks and her grammar book. She lost important papers and was frustrated when she had to redo her work. She started the day with a clean desk and by the 3 pm, her stuff was overflowing and spilling onto the floor. She left trash on the floor and consistently forgot to clean up her lunch placemat to the consternation of her fellow travelers.

Cue Session 4. This hero walked into school with a color-coded binder. There were neat, color-coded labels for “Quest”, “Writer’s Workshop”, and “Core Skills”. It almost brought tears to my eyes. 

The change did not happen overnight- it took many, many baby steps (as well as a few steps back). I saw her not try and fail, try and fail, try and find a tiny bit of success but then trip over another obstacle. It took heruclean patience to watch the process play out and almost always I wanted to jump in to help. The moral of the story: personal experience makes change possible.

Thank you parents for being on this great adventure with us, allowing your heroes to fail and try again!

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