Heart & Joy

Session 4: Week 4

This week was a perfect representation of The Village School: heart & joy.

These journal entries are part of the Character Traits Badge. Heroes give 10 character call-outs for different traits to fellow travelers and then write 10 reflections on the character traits. In true Socratic fashion, they posed questions and answers.

“Courage is when you either face your fear or stand up to people. Courage comes from you, you just have to believe that you have it and use it. Keep moving on even when you don’t believe you have courage because you do. Courage inspires you to do things. Courage would not exist if we didn’t face our fears. without courage innovation would not exist.”

Triumphant at the end of Spirit Week

“What is supportiveness? To me, supportiveness is encouraging others and helping others. My ideal supportive community is when everyone is helping each other. I think I am pretty supportive by helping others and encouraging others. I could be more supportive by helping others and encouraging them more. I think that supportiveness is important because without it no would want to work, no one would be kind and no work would get done.”

Favorite Color Day

“What is leadership? Showing compassion for what you do and care for others. What does an ideal community with leaders look like? There are both followers and leaders.  If there were only leaders there would be no one to lead. How can I be more of a leader? I could have more care for others.”

Servant leaders tutor fellow travelers in their free time

“What is motivation? To me, motivation is keeping going when things are tough. What do you think of motivation? I think that it is important to have so you don’t give up on the first try. How can motivation affect a community? I think that it makes communities get more work done so, therefore, makes them better. How can you have motivation? If you fail you try again and keep going if things get hard.”

Many schools focus on character growth. At The Village School, it is not just a focus; it is a way of life. Heroes live character in every interaction.

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