Session 4: Week 4

What makes a compliment special?

Is it when you say it- depending on the mood they are in?

How you say it and the tone of your voice?

Or what it makes the person feel ?

This topic prompted great discussion in our studio. Spark heroes love to vote and tell their thoughts and experiences. They are developing the skills they will hone in the Socratic discussions held in our elementary studios and they are finding their own voice as they form opinions. This particular morning launch, the vote was unanimous. Compliments are important because of how they make someone feel. Heroes are tuned into the feelings of others and they continue to value the character traits that we call out each week.

Heather O’ Kara said “Speak to all people as though they are the wisest, gentlest, most beautiful beings on Earth; for what they believe, they become.” The compliments that are given to heroes begin to shape what they believe about themselves. Guides model complimenting by giving growth mindset praise and offering genuine congratulations for hard work. We refer to our learners as heroes and experts. We celebrate triumphs and congratulate perseverance.

The compliments also seem to resonate deeply when they come from a fellow hero. “You are a great reader!” A five year old beams, proudly having read a book aloud to his peers. After a big jump off a tall ledge on the playground another hero shouts, “I knew you could do it you, you are strong and brave!” By assuring these young learners that they will change the world, we empower them to do just that.

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