A Library Tale

ES Session 4: Week 5

This is a story of a library book.

January 1st. I grabbed some books from the library and happened to pick up a Young Adult novel based in poetry. Level 6 Heroes explore literary genres (one of which is poetry), so I offered the book to one of the Level 6 Heroes.

This book was checked out on my library card. (And I hate accumulating fines- who doesn’t? For me, it is mostly because of the shame-inducing ping! at checkout that comes when you have fines on your card.) But I trusted this hero. I told her when the book was due (February 1st) and had no qualms about a late or lost book.

Two weeks later, there was an interesting development: the hero enjoyed the book and passed it along to another hero. The plot thicked- would the library book get returned on time?

Again, I gave it no thought until the second hero asked me an interesting question, “Do I actually have to finish a book to count it toward my badge? I’ve passed the 150 page minimum.” I was surprised. This hero loved reading and was meticulous in completing her work with excellence. 

I could have asked questions about excellence standards and persevering to the end. But I’m glad I didn’t.

“Why don’t you want to finish the book?” I asked.

She replied matter of factly, “This is your library book. It’s due February 1st. I want to finish it but I don’t want it to be late so I’m bringing it back.”

That is how great freedom and great responsibility go hand in hand.

(And yes, I renewed the book and that hero happily finished the novel.)

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