ES Field Trip Friday

Session 4: Week 5

Travel is synonymous with flexibility. Heroes practiced it a lot on Friday when morning rain turned our schedule upside down.

Start of our journey on the Metro

We toured the Museum of Natural History and the heroes explored their passions. Geology (And the magnetic rock) was a particular favorite!

The Ocean Hall

Post-lunch, the heroes went on an architectural tour of DC. They learned a lot about the buildings surrounding them and other things too… like navigating the complicated grid system of DC. Experiencing the natural consequences of jumping into a puddle (cold, wet feet) or forgetting your note cards (having to wing your presentation!) They came away with the old travelers’ adage: keep yourself warm, dry, and full of snacks.

These field trip days are special. If you had navigated cities as an elementary learner, what kind of traveler would you be today?

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