A Hero needs help! Useful Tips for Parents

Things are humming along merrily at home until that moment when your hero says, “I don’t get it! I need help.” Productivity grinds to a halt. Your hero is lost, you are lost- what to do?

Don’t worry! Heroes run into obstacles all the time in the studio. Obstacles are magical moments when a) you know your hero is invested in his/her learning and b) he/she has an opportunity for growth. This is a chance to become even more independent and empowered.

What is the next step? Here are some common scenarios with follow-up questions you can ask:

It is 1:15. Your hero just finished Quest launch and is excited to start building a boat. But she has no idea where to start and she can’t find any materials. She comes to you to ask for help.

  • What resources are available to you? 
  • Would you rather contact a buddy, read the challenge again, or speak to Ms. Sarah?
  • Would you rather find the materials yourself or go over the schedule the night before and we can find them together?

Quests can be challenging! Even though we are not together in the studio, your hero has lots of resources: contact a running partner, join Ms. Sarah on the Zoom meeting, find the posted challenge on Journey Tracker. Some families have found that it is helpful to review the schedule for the next day each night to get supplies together.

It is time for an online meeting. Your hero knows he is supposed to be online but he isn’t sure how to join the Zoom meeting or if it is optional or not.

  • Have you joined a Zoom meeting before? How did you do it?
  • What do you see on the schedule that could help you?
  • I notice that you’re really stuck. Would you like to email Ms. Sarah or contact your running partner?

Our heroes are pretty tech-savvy, but even technological natives are bound to run into glitches. Point your hero toward the daily schedule. Required online meetings are 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 1:00 PM. We try to keep that schedule as consistent as possible. If a meeting is optional, it will say ‘optional’ on the schedule. 

To further help heroes, there is now one Zoom meeting room for all meetings. (This is a change from previous weeks.) Additionally, there is a Zoom password as well. This password can be found at the top of the schedule, along with the Zoom link.

Your hero has been very focused for the first hour of Core Skills but now she is bouncing off the walls- literally! 

  • What helps you learn best: working for a long time or intensely focusing for 20 minutes and then taking a short break?
  • What kind of a break helps you reset the best? (Going outside, Yoga, Art, PE, or reading a book?)
  • How could you organize your schedule to include these things?

Heroes will have almost 2 hours of morning Core Skills work every day this session. One reason is because some heroes are working very hard on earning badges before the end of the year. Another reason is flexibility. Your hero can create his/her best learning environment.

The most important thing to remember: surprise, it is possible your hero is acting differently at home! In the studio, heroes often know how to solve problems but find that it is challenging. At home, they might come to you in the hopes of an easy way out. Stay strong! Redirect with a question. Often short-term struggle leads to greater long-term success.

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