Problem? Problem-solved

ES Session 6: Week 4

“You cant do it”

This week, the heroes have been creating songs as part of the Music Producer Quest. One hero worked hard on his drumbeat and then posted his first draft online. A fellow hero commented, “you cant do it.”

This hero was heartbroken. He had put a lot of effort into his song. He knew the comment broke the studio contract. But it was also personal- he considered this fellow traveler a close friend.

In Town Hall, the hero brought up the incident. Even though he was sad, he explained it clearly and succinctly. The other hero was dismayed. “Sorry!” he said, “I meant to say- you can do it. I must have typed a ‘t’ accidentally.”

He fixed the comment and that was it. Problem solved. 

Sometimes, we forget that children are more resilient than we think, especially when they are given the right tools. A unique part of TVS is Town Hall Meeting because it allows learners to solve problems together.

Other problems brought up in Town Hall Meeting this week: independent scheduling for Wednesday, asking for peer approvals, and making a system fair for everyone. 

How do you empower great problem-solvers? Give them lots of problems to solve!

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