A Bump in a Hero’s Journey

ES Session 6: Week 5

Last week, a hero submitted his Newsela Badge. The Newsela Badge is designed to improve non-fiction reading and a hero must master 30 articles to move to the next level.

When this hero submitted the badge, he was proud that he had worked hard to complete the challenge. What he didn’t realize was that 14 of his 30 articles had disappeared. Nearly half of his work was gone.

As a guide, I made a comment on his badge. I thought that he had simply forgotten to post a third picture of the missing articles. I posted the comment, figured that he would fix it soon, and moved on.

I didn’t know that his work had disappeared. I didn’t hear a complaint about this weird system glitch. The next thing I heard was nearly a week later…

“Oh yeah, my Newsela got messed up,” he explained. “I have a plan to do 1 article a day until I catch up.”

This was mind-blowing.

Think to yourself about the last time that you were hit with unforseen circumstances. Maybe a restaurant messed up your dinner reservation and you had to wait an extra 30 minutes. Or an important email got shifted into spam and caused company delays.

Or back in the days of Microsoft Word, you were writing a term paper, forgot to hit save, and you lost the last 5 pages you had written right before the deadline (definitely not recalling a real memory).

You would be irate. Even the best among us would complain (often and loudly). 

But this hero didn’t do that. He did not try to blame others. He did not try to reason that he should be exempt from the full requirement. This hero accepted that this task was his responsibility and made a plan to finish the work. (And he sent the company an email to see if they could fix the problem for himself and others.)

In this pandemic, every day we are challenged to accept what we cannot change, so that we can move forward and do the best with what we have. I’m grateful for this elegant example from a hero.

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