A Poem for a Hero

This time of year can be extra challenging for our young learners. Add a major world event that’s disrupted their daily lives and it’s no wonder that they may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. As the school year winding down, and some of our heroes look at goals they have yet to finish, I find it helps to focus on “small wins” in the form of a few solid daily habits and a time at the end of the day to reflect and reaffirm their efforts. In this way, it becomes more about the process of who they’re becoming and less about the end result.

Below is a poem, from me, to your precious children- because even heroes doubt themselves sometimes…(I hope Dr. Suess would be proud):

Do Not Forget

Do not wilt in the face of what

you can not yet do

An opportunity is there, waiting for you

Do not forget all that you’ve

already done

Your daily persistence

Your hard work has won

Keep going, keep SHINING

when self-doubt sets in

There is nothing as beautiful

as you in your skin

Full of magic and LIGHT

with an unstoppable mind

You are STRONG, you are SOFT

both able and kind

Don’t run from the voice

that says, “No you can’t do it”

BREATHE it in and then OUT

with a “hello” and “I knew it!”

That voice is not you

just an unwelcome neighbor

leaning in to distract you

from your role as CREATOR

So good riddance, goodbye

You’ve got work to do

Playing and making

DISCOVERING something new

Because we need what you make

We need what you do

What we need more than anything

is for YOU TO BE YOU

Who is this “you” that we need you to be?

Only the “you” that is your TRUE and your FREE

So keep going, keep shining

when self-doubt sets in

There is nothing as BEAUTIFUL

as you in your skin.

Ms. Lauren

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