Are We Ready For Change?

Do things need to change? Spark learners think so. They believe that they can change the world, as they voiced with us during circle times. We’re behind them! We discussed the past, present, and future of things like racial equity and women’s rights during our morning and closing launches. We have at least one future lawyer who is willing to make sure no one is treated unfairly. Learners won’t give up until they reach this goal!

Learners empathized with the frustration and embarrassment past heroes felt when everyone wasn’t viewed or treated the same. At times, learners have been candid about their intention to work hard to change what they do not like. Laws and ideas need adjustment, they’ve told us. They’re willing to take the necessary steps needed to foster a positive community like the one they’ve created in Spark studio. Characteristics like perseverance, pride, self-control, unity and passion, all of which we’ve discussed, will lead them along their way.  Learners are coming together, voicing their concerns, and providing solutions to the problems of the world we talk about in the studio. The awareness shown to their guides make their journey to leaders that much more likely. 

Watching and listening to Ruth Bader Ginsburg talk about women’s rights inspired learners to be happy about how some things in the world have changed. They told us how dads would not have time to give hugs because they would have to work more than usual. They told us that they like how moms and dads work together in teams. Some learners even felt that they might not be at The Village School if these changes hadn’t occurred. Let’s challenge ourselves and our learners to a create a world where change is encouraged and accepted!

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