And checkmate!

Session 4 Wrap-Up

What a session! This week, Discovery learners wrapped up their Chess Quest and reflected on their journey.

Many minds strategize

One learner reflected, “ A few weeks ago, when I first started playing chess, I didn’t even know how to set up the board.  Now I have just beaten the third level robot. What I’m trying to say is that some things don’t come naturally but if you keep trying, you will get better.”

Another said, “I think I was successful because I love a good game of chess, and I think that love has only grown more since we started this chess quest.”

One summed it all up, “When I learned how to play the game, I never wanted to stop playing ever again.”

Learners share their chess boards and pieces

And we asked them to creatively sum up 1 lesson learned about chess in an acrostic poem. Here is one example:




When you 


Some help

Virtual Discovery learners continued their exploration of Civilization. When learning about an emperor who saved and burned books, one hero remarked, “You need multiple views of history to have an accurate understanding.”

The Virtual Discovery Studio wrote in journals throughout the session. Here is an excerpt from one entry, “I’m sure when you read this in the future you would be thinking: virtual school?! That’s not possible! And I wish I could think the same thing, but no. Hopefully in the time that you are reading this you can go to in person school, and see your extended family and friends, and even maybe just maybe ( not sure if this could actually happen) but just imagine if you could take off your mask when you are under six feet!”

In-person Discovery Heroes teamed up with Adventure Studio for Process Drama, a combination of art and Writer’s Workshop. Twice a week, they explored elements of storytelling, improvisation, and got (more than!) comfortable speaking and performing in front of their peers. The session ended with a final performance where learners performed plays that they wrote and created – totally self directed. They made props, costumes, and some even wrote music to go with their play. While the plays themselves were successful, the learners learned even more important skills in the process – collaboration and problem solving. Congratulations, Discovery and Adventure Studios!

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