Entomology Quest Update

This week, Virtual Discovery learners welcomed insect ‘guests’ into their homes, inside a safely contained terrarium! We are excited to introduce Willy the Worm Jr., Kitty and Puppy (stink bugs), Centi the centipede, and a pod of mealworms: Sam, Jordan, Tyler, Lilac, Veronica, and John.

Virtual Discovery learners are challenged to provide the best habitat for their guest, researching their diet and natural habitat, and throughout the week-long stay, observe their insect. Is the insect more active during the day or during the night? Does it eat frequently or a large meal once a day? Is it happier in a cool, dark room or light-filled, humid room?

Already, they have noticed that some insects are more photogenic while others prefer to stay hidden under dirt and rocks.

In the meantime, in-person Discovery learners are raising mealworms (whose favorite food is baby carrots) and will watch them progress into full-grown beetles. Next week, they will nurture the caterpillars that currently perch on the library shelf as they make their chrysalises. 

This is just one more step on the Entomology journey this session. Learners are increasingly more open-minded about insects, which you can see in their willingness to pick up worms, beetles, and spiders. They spout insect facts, gleaned from their Writer’s Workshop research, and write persuasively about “creepy” bugs. 

We have gone from the infinitely big (space) to the microscopically small (insects). Discovery learners are ready to stretch their minds in any direction!

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