An Opportunity to Reflect

We started this year with a call to action: will you accept the role of a hero on a hero’s journey and change the world? This remarkable group of young people met challenges, overcame obstacles, and grew stronger together. Now Session 1 is coming to a close and we pause to take a moment to celebrate the journey thus far.

What is an Exhibition? An Exhibition is a window into our studios. We invite our families to share the learners’  work and celebrate important milestones on their journey.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect in these Exhibitions:

In Adventure Studio, heroes explored who they are and who they want to become. The art of introspection can be challenging, particularly in middle school. Surrounded by a group of influential peers, vulnerability takes courage and trust. The Adventure heroes built both this session. Join us at their Exhibition to see their creative process (Hero Boards) and the outline of their journey ahead (Badge Plans).

In Discovery Studio, heroes worked together to create a studio of new and returning learners. Change can be hard, and it was an opportunity to mesh the best of both worlds. What worked well last year? What new ideas do we have? How can we create an environment that works for everyone? There were bumps along this road: an imperfect system, running into guardrails, and navigating systems and processes. At this Exhibition, you’ll see evidence of that journey (and its resulting growth spurt) throughout the studio tour. Then you will have a preview of the journey to come via your learner’s badge plan.

In Spark Studio, learners discovered their independence. Usually, it takes several sessions of watching lessons before the learners feel confident enough to teach other learners, but this year, leaders emerged from all ages, eager to help and support one another. In this Exhibition, your learner will teach you how to use some of the Montessori materials and give you a tour of their studio.

At the end of the session, we pause to celebrate the journey thus far. We reflect by taking a look at the top of the mountain and finding the motivation to continue climbing. Taking a look to the bottom of the mountain and appreciating the newfound height. Taking a breath and continuing to climb!

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