Building a Stronger and Positive Spark Community

“On our own we’re special, and we can chase our dream. But when we join up, hand in hand, Together we’re a team.”

“You can do this!”

“You only have 2 things left.”

“I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

As we dive into another week of Session 2, learners have been discussing and exploring ways to come together as a community. Learners are supporting each other, finding a sense of belonging, and understanding their role in the Spark community. Spark learners are slowly feeling more connected and working together in harmony.

Learners are working together as a team to support each other. Support comes in many forms and may look different on a daily basis in the studio. It may come as an observation where an encouraging word is overheard during work time and can be seen when a 2nd-year learner is helping a 1st-year learner spell words for their unique picture in their writing journal. Their desire to help echoes from the table. These experiences are challenging learners to solicit their peers for positive feedback which leads to bonding and building friendships.

Many bonding moments have occurred between learners writing a story and sharing it on Show and Share day. The excitement exudes from their faces as they proudly stand before the community reading to the other learners and their guides what they have worked so diligently on. Laughter and expressions of joy conclude after many of the presentations.

Sharing their unique and well thought out stories provides a sense of identity and belonging. In the studio, ideas come alive on paper and personalities not yet seen shine through. This excitement continues outdoors as it leads to building walls with bricks and pieces of wood and making healing potions, machines, and cupcakes. This has led to learners enthusiastically addressing any problems that may arise and solving them collectively.

As learners find their sense of identity and role in Spark, they are in agreement that together, they all have their own visions and self-confidence while recognizing that they are individually different but can help each other in many ways.

In the words of Helen Keller ” “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”.

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