Servant Leadership in Action

The playground gate was broken. A result of two learners swinging on it. 

One learner peered at it closely. He pulled it up and pushed it down. Nothing was working. Another learner joined him. Neither of them knew who had broken the gate but it didn’t seem to matter.

The second learner examined the problem and decided that they needed a toolkit. She declared that at the next opportunity, she would bring the toolkit and fix the gate.

That is just what she did! She unscrewed some bolts, took the gate entirely off of its hinges, and reattached it. A fellow traveler helped and together, they fixed the gate. It took up their entire free time.

This is what we mean by character-based education. Our goal is to empower learners with the right mindset to find the necessary tools and solve their own problems. This 8-year-old learner saw a need in the world and did something about it. I’d call that servant leadership!

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