Resourceful & Resilient in Action

A tale from this morning in Core Skills:

Two learners were struggling with factoring with the Distributive Property. When neither of them could figure it out, they sought other options. One looked for a helpful video on Khan; the other one decided to search on Google. Both came to the same video. They watched it together. Then the lightbulb moment, “Oh! It’s just another way to find the greatest common factor!” Problem solved. 

Two important highlights in this story. First, an adult (me) was standing behind them the entire time. Not once did they turn around to ask for help. They knew they could figure it out: I’d call that self-efficacy. Second, it took multiple tries. Neither learner found what they were looking for right away. They had to search for different topics and try alternative search terms. In a day and age where we are used to quick fixes, these learners were patient and flexible.

Now fast forward… imagine the future where these learners have had __ years of practice at finding their own helpful resources and solving their own problems. Imagine how prepared they will be! They will be ready to change the world.

Doesn’t it make your heart beat a little faster?

We hope all TVS learners graduate resourceful and resilient. That’s why we have Socratic Guides who guide and empower learners. That’s why our learners are on their own hero’s journey.

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