Help your learner get “unstuck”

A learner was stuck. Not atypical in the world of self-directed learning because after all, learning is hard work. What was unusual is that this learner discovered a remarkable way to get unstuck.

This learner is an artist. She is passionate about her art but in the past few months, she hadn’t been feeling motivated. 

A guide asked her the question, “What if you created art for others?” 

This flipped the problem on its head. It was no longer about finding the motivation from within; it was about using the present motivation from others. The learner announced in Town Hall that she would take requests for paintings. All of a sudden, she was painting again.

We hope our learners are intrinsically motivated. But even the most intrinsically motivated people feel unmotivated sometimes, and that’s normal. When you are doing something challenging and worthwhile, not all parts are fun! We all have to do the ‘paperwork’ side of things. 

But perhaps the next time your learner (or you!) are feeling stuck, you can try this strategy. What can you give to others?

Helping another learner with Khan Academy
An older learner helping a younger learner with the 100s Board

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