Session 3 “Sneak Peek”

Spark Studio

Imagine living in colonial times and the holidays not being so magical. This session, Spark learners will explore the different cultures of the past and take a look at the present through curious detective eyes. Learners will highlight the similarities and differences of the evolving world around them through hands-on activities. Learners will continue their continent of study for this session. Learners will hear more about South America through a guest talk that focuses on Colombia.

Learners will share in the fun with projects that feature snow, trees, and popcorn. Homemade crafts will be made by learners and given as a keepsake to each other. 

Learners will conclude the session by inspiring creativity through poetry and artwork that they will showcase in the studio at our Session 3 Exhibition.

Discovery Studio

“We are not makers of history, we are made by history.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. 

This session Discovery learners will transport themselves through their imaginations to the Ancient Greek city of Athens. Their mission: to complete a series of hands-on challenges and activities that will help them learn as much as they can about life in Ancient Greece. Along the way, they’ll be exploring big questions such as: How important is it to understand how the past has influenced our lives? How does knowing the origin of things impact our understanding of the world? How can understanding the past impact the future? 

Learners will extend their study of Ancient Greece by diving into Greek Mythology. They will explore the role that myths, gods and storytelling had in ancient times and will be challenged to write their own myths during Writing Workshop this session. 

Learners will share what they have learned at our Session 3 exhibition- where guests will be invited to time travel back to an Ancient Greek village!


Adventure Studio

What does velcro, your pillow, and wind turbines all have in common? They were all inspired by nature! 

This session Adventure learners will take a deep dive into the field of Biomimicry to prepare for the Biomimicry Youth Challenge in Session 4. Biomimicry is the study and use of nature as inspiration to design sustainable solutions. Learners will spend time exploring the history of the field, understand how biomimicry presents itself in their everyday lives, and consider the role biomimicry might play in solutions to some of our world’s biggest sustainability challenges. Learners will take on the role of biologists by spending time in nature observing for close looking, determining new curiosities about our local ecosystems, and meeting with scientists in a Biomimicry Lab.   

Learners will also take on the role of Historian and Researcher through the Session 3 DIY Civilization Communications Challenge. Learners will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into one of the exciting topics that have been explored throughout Civilizations this year. Learners will share their research and Big Questions at the Session 3 Exhibition – come ready to be curious about big histories! 

Health and Wellness

One day or day one. It’s your decision.” – unknown

What does it mean to make healthy choices for yourself? What areas of health are going well for you? What would you like to improve?

This session, learners will be exploring what we have learned so far about mental, social, emotional, and physical health. The learners will identify an area of focus, one that they would like to dive deeper into reflecting on, and create a goal for our winter session break. 

Learners will also have an opportunity to create a product of their choice that illustrates or demonstrates the healthy choices they are proud of. 

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