Sharing Your Voice. Session Seven: Week One

How do you inspire curiosity in a young learner? How do you instill the idea that what they share and give can impact the world in a profound way?

Our launches often include hero stories and picture books that feature beautiful illustrations. I find children’s literature to be a perfect combination of art and meaning. Our spark studio heroes grow particularly fond of certain authors and illustrators so I collect the books in a series and our emergent readers delight in knowing words they didn’t before. As we read the books by Peter H Reynolds like The Word Collector, I Am Peace and today’s story Say Something, the familiar drawings seem to resonate and the brevity of the author allows room for interpretation and discussion. Heroes identify times when it is hard to share your voice, like when you are frustrated or your friends are not playing the way you like. When asked what methods they use to share ideas they decide that thoughts can be shared through words, actions, and pictures.

After hearing hero stories our learners feel inspired to share their own. They delight in illustrating tales and have time and space at closing to share stories that they invent. They write about the topics they feel passionate about and places they want to explore. Our heroes observe problems in their day to day lives and confidently articulate changes they would like to see during our town hall meetings. All of this serves as practice for being citizens of communities and having an impact on the world they live in. As a 5 year old hero poignantly commented “talking is a really powerful way to move people.”

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