Journey Tracker

Session 1 Week 5

What is Journey Tracker?

Journey Tracker is the mother of all systems. It is the brain of the octopus: it pulls together the arms of a self-directed learning environment. Journey Tracker is literal in its naming: it tracks a Hero’s Journey over the year.

What can I see on Journey Tracker?

  1. SMART Goals: Heroes set SMART goals each day of the week. At the end of the day, they record their work. You can see the set goal and work accomplished.
  2. Points: For every Core Skill, a Hero earns points for work. Points are used to standardize the different programs: 30 points roughly translates to 60 minutes of work.
  3. Badges: Each Hero has access to the studio badge plan. The Badge Plan lays out the badges needed to reach the next level. Clicking on the badge, you can see the requirements and approval process to earn the badge.
  4. Challenges: There are weekly challenges for Writer’s Workshop. Explore Heroes post their work on the challenge and most challenges require peer approval. (Civilization Challenges in Session 2 will also be here!)
  5. Mission Control: Here you can see an overview of each week in the session. 

What should I do with this mother of all systems brain of the octopus program?

The answer to this question depends on you and your child.

Good starting points: Do you want me to just listen, give advice, or help?

With the freedom to design their own learning for a whole year, some Heroes can jump right in and others can feel overwhelmed. By asking this simple question, you’ll empower your Hero.

Follow-up questions: 

What is your goal? How could you take one step toward your goal? 

I notice that you earned a lot of points in Week ___ and a few points in Week ___. What do you think made the difference?

You have this big goal- what is a reasonable amount that you could do each day?

The Big Picture: At The Village School, your Hero drives his/her own education and you can choose your involvement in that journey. Journey Tracker simply gives you the tools to guide them along!

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