Real-World Learning: Session 2 Week 3

We started with a bang this week with our Tuesday Field Trip.

Heroes on the move!

Maria started our day by sharing her hero’s journey. She is a start-up entrepreneur and founder of Nook. Her story of success and learning from failure resonated with our Heroes. They asked her big questions like, “What was your greatest challenge? What about your greatest success?” and specific details, “How do you advertise?” and “Would you rather cater to new customers or your existing customers?”

Hero Talk: a story of a Hero’s Journey

Then the Heroes had the opportunity to ask questions about their own start-up. Each company picked 2 types of hot chocolate and 1 topping to test. Does a customer like plain or peppermint hot chocolate? Are they willing to pay more for the peppermint? If so, how much? The results helped them make tough business decisions.

Surveying potential customers with courage and friendliness
Taste-testing: Heroes ran into obstacles and used perseverance

The next stop on our tour was lunch. It is always inspiring to eat and play tag beneath the Washington Memorial. Especially with such nice weather!

Sandwiches + Friends + Tree = Picture-perfect Lunch

Post-lunch, the Heroes explored exhibits in the National Museum of American History. Their goal was to discover the best exhibit and provide supporting evidence. In reality, everyone always takes away something different from a trip to a museum: learning the specifics of a pacemaker, finding compromises within a group, or maybe even playing an old-fashioned PacMan game.

At The Village School, we strive for real experiences. Chances to sell product to customers or build a museum exhibit. Collaborate with a team and find compromises. The authenticity in each experience means that there is a real opportunity for success, and failure.

We don’t want the Heroes to fail. It is hard to step back and let the natural consequences play out. But often, early and cheap failures lead to a deeper, richer success. And that is the most important goal: nurturing resilient, gritty Heroes who will change the world.

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