Are you a Math Master or an Art Connoisseur?

ES Week 2: Session 5

If you are a Elementary Hero, the answer is both!

This week, the heroes began a 4-week course to becoming masters of math. This course is a series of launches and activities that emphasize important character traits for a hero (and for learning math). Character traits like…

  1. Growth mindset: I’m not good at this yet
  2. “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” or persistence and perseverance are more important than being ‘smart’. 
  3. Insight & Reflection: what tools work best for you? 

The ES Heroes also show their creativity this week as they began Artistic Expression. This set of badges invites heroes to explore art, music, and theater. As a microschool, we are not an arts academy, but we can offer heroes an opportunity to cultivate their passions. This session, they can create an art portfolio, direct and perform in a play, or teach themselves piano.

These two heroes are working on a duet.

Both programs compliment our character-based education. In a rapidly developing society, it is difficult to predict what knowledge and skills will be useful in the future. That’s why the best tool to develop for the future is yourself!

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