Can you solve this 2-minute mystery written by a Hero?

Our Heroes have been working on their Detective Quest. Part of that Quest is solving and then writing their own 2 minute mysteries. Can you figure out this one?

Part one: detective Wayne Kane drove through the city to the Microsoft headquarters. Earlier in the day, he received a very important call from Steve Ballmer, (the owner of Microsoft) that someone stole the plans for the first mass produced super computer. When he drove into the parking lot he saw someone waiting at the front door. He got out of his car and met the man at the door. He shook his hand and said, “Hello, I am detective Wayne Kane. I got your call.” “Hello Wayne. You can follow me into the room where it happened.” said the man waiting at the door. He led Wayne into the room. There was an open drawer that had a broken lock on the floor. There was also a computer on the desk. Other than that, there was a jar of paper clips on the desk, and a mini fridge on the right side. There was also some scattered papers on the floor. But oddly enough there were no keys.“What happened in here!?” said Wayne. “I wish I knew.” responded the man, “All I know is today I walked into my office, which is this one, and all this was on the floor.” “Was anyone else in here with you?” asked Wayne. “Not in here, but there were others in different rooms. “Did anyone act suspicious at all?” “Not really…” “There’s obviously something your not telling me. What is it.”

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