Welcome Back to Spark Studio

Session 5: Week One

What is the general feeling after coming back from a week long break in our studio? Heroes return eager and excited. They notice a few new materials and furniture shifts in the studio. They see a new cactus plant on the shelf and rush to measure it- thrilled to discover it is taller than our other cactus but shorter than the philodendron.

Session 5 brings a new topic for exploration during project time. Heroes will delve into an inquiry about the human body. This week they made models of a cell and enjoyed acting out the important jobs of the organelles. Some favorites being the nucleus and the cell membrane, protecting the rest of the cell parts from bacteria! They also talked about how DNA makes us who we are are. Heroes gave examples of similarities they share with family members and the traits that make them unique!

A new writing center included cards, envelopes and new pencils and has already sparked creativity in letter writing and diagrams of other parts of the studio. A math station was centered around addition and in a launch heroes came up with their own equations such as “me plus water equals swimming” and “guide plus studio plus learners equals school. “

Let the discovery of a new Session in the Spark studio begin!

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