Igniting the Spark: Off to a learner led start



This week, Spark learners embarked on a new journey as they prepared themselves to start a new school year at The Village School. Learners expressed how they felt going into a new year on their first day but by the end of the week, those emotions had quickly changed. We began to see amazing things happen as nervousness turned into calm and peaceful inquisitive minds working at their own pace.

The calmness of the returning learners is leading the Spark studio in a new direction. New learners are becoming acclimated to their new learning environments and are openly voicing their opinions in our daily launches. Grace and courtesy and safety were discussed as learners modeled how to carry materials with two hands and an outdoor tour of the playground was given to showcase new boundaries. These boundaries called for lots of fun outdoor play as learners expressed their personalities through collaborative play in hula hoop and planning to be your own boss games.

Collaboration also occurred during Sparks first music lesson. They learned about different instruments, their high and low-pitched sounds, and showed us how to control their body movements. Harmonious clapping echoed throughout the enormous room, one beat at a time. Learners were challenged with staying on beat and stopping at any given moment. Oh, how they wowed us!

What would happen if their excitement continued throughout each quest, project, and work period? Would learners awaken something inside themselves that they have never known? These questions have yet to be answered but we’re starting our journey with learners who have set their goals for a successful school year.

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