Session 2 “Sneak Peek”

Spark Studio

Spark learners will continue to learn about the cultures of North America and will delve into South America as well. We will immerse ourselves in the fall season, both indoors and out, with fall-themed lessons on the shelf and at Ms. Jenny’s. We will also start our field trips to the library and nearby Madison Manor Park. 

Do you know anyone who has lived in South America and can come in person or virtually to tell us about it? Can you teach us about something that happens in the Fall, perhaps related to farming, festivals, pumpkins, the weather, etc?

Learners will also explore and learn about different types of wildlife and bring their projects to life through collaboration.

Discovery Studio

For this session’s Quest, Discovery learners will step into the shoes of event planners as they plan a community meal for the end of the session. We will explore what makes a gathering meaningful, meet with experts to learn about different aspects of event planning, and work together to research recipes (and allergies!) and identify quantities and costs of ingredients to develop an actionable plan for the meal. 

Discovery learners will work on their persuasive writing skills as they research and write a pitch for a possible field trip next session. After researching and writing a pitch, learners will present their pitches at the end of the session in hopes of convincing their studio mates to vote for their field trip idea. The pitch with the most votes will be our field trip for next session!

Adventure Studio

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems” – Biggie Smalls 

“The money you make will never buy back your soul” – Bob Dillon

“Money changes everything” – Cindy Lauper

“If I had a million dollars, well I’d buy you a house…” Barenaked Ladies

“I don’t need no money, fortune, or fame” The Temptations

Which quote reflects your beliefs about money? Is money the root of all evil, or can money buy happiness? This session learners will uncover what money means to them during the Money & Me Quest. By the end of the sessions learners will understand how to create and manage a monthly personal budget and they will have written a financial philosophy based on what they have learned. 

Learners will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field of finance through Community Partner Talks and where they will learn about careers in finance and get feedback on their draft budgets, investment choices and personal philosophies. At the end of the session learners will exhibit their final budgets to a panel of personal finance advisors. 

Have money questions? Ask adventure learners for their expertise in a few weeks! 

Health and Wellness

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

What relationships are the most important in your life? What makes them important? How do these special people make you feel? What are the key components of healthy relationships? How do these relationships affect our health? Our next session together will focus on healthy relationships.

Learners will also be exploring healthy conflict resolution strategies. Conflict resolution is a normal part of healthy relationships. How can we manage conflict? How can we approach conflict as an opportunity to grow in our relationships? 

We will also take time to explore the relationship that learners have with themselves. They will be challenged to reflect upon who they are and the value that each of them brings to our community. Every learner is an important part of their studio. Our learning environment is built upon the strengths that each of them share. Recognizing their strengths and value to our community will support their most important relationship, the one they have with themselves. 

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