A New Adventure

Session 5: Week 1

What a busy week in Elementary Studio!

Heroes assumed Detectives-in-Training status and began solving their first crime. They searched the scene and documented the evidence. 

They discovered fingerprints left on folders and learned how to lift off the prints. (They also enjoyed taking and identifying their own fingerprints!)

As always, Quest Badge requirements can be found on Journey Tracker. This Quest Badge is due by the end of Session 6.

In Writer’s Workshop, the Heroes will practice their technical writing this session. They will create 3 sets of instructions to be published in the TVS “Big Book of Instructions”. This will be a tool to help future generations of heroes!

On Tuesday, the Heroes crafted and baked by following instructions. They discovered that some instructions are much easier to follow than others!

On Thursday, they brainstormed the main steps of their instructions. They will write their 1st drafts next week.

The requirements for this Writer’s Workshop Badge can be found on Journey Tracker. This badge is due by the end of Session 5.

With the beginning of a new session, the heroes updated their badge plans. You can see their updated plans on Journey Tracker and feel free to ask your hero questions!

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