A Day in the Life

*Guide Note: Virtual Discovery heroes are writing in journals this session. This week, they were asked to write a composite “Day in the Life” to describe what virtual school is like. This blog post was entirely written and edited by Discovery Heroes.

Welcome to the Virtual Discovery Studio!

I crawl out of bed trying to stay awake. Then I brush my teeth and get dressed. Next I eat breakfast and then I’m all set.

For core skills, I like to do my hardest subjects first, like math, before I get to the easy stuff like reading or writing. You also get to be with your family and pets, and you can still see your friends just not in person.

Hanging out with pets

When we log on for our 11:05 meeting, we get to play games, my favorite game is probably when we get to do fun exercises. My favorite part of an 11:05 launch is talking to my fellow travellers. My favorite part of an 11:05 launch is probably the exercise videos because they are very fun and challenging. 

After that meeting we always get a delicious lunch, my favorite is probably either a grilled cheese sandwich or graham crackers and peanut butter. My favorite lunch to have is a quesadilla, one time for lunch my family ordered mexican, I got a quesadilla. My favorite lunch during virtual studio is probably apples and grilled cheese. Sometimes I would have peanut butter with my apples too.  one time mommy made me goldfish crackers and cheerios

Each session we get a new quest, this session was a chess quest. Chess is a game that is well known for its concentration. It has helped me learn that losing helps you learn and get better strategies. When chess quest comes, there’s lots of things to do, you learn new things about chess in lessons, or you can play as many games of chess as you want.

One thing that I have learned about chess is that you can’t just think of a move in one second, you need to think of a strategy and think stuff through. Chess quest is really fun.

My favorite thing to do after school is play outside. Usually, I play on my jungle gym, but sometimes I like just run around with my dogs. My favorite thing to do would probably be to read. I think reading is very fun, challenging, and relaxing. Board games and football are my favorite after school activities.  After school my favorite thing to do is go outside and make up new games that we can play. 

This is my virtual studio life.

Celebrating a great week in Virtual Discovery Studio

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