Session 5 Grand Finale

What a busy week for heroes in the Spark Studio. We had a hero complete the most challenging of our Waseca reading drawers, one complete a set of B.O.B. books, another conquered the 8 bead chain and others spent time researching geology, astronomy and marine life. We concluded our studies on the continent of South America. Heroes enjoyed stories of soccer players, librarians and children just like them who designed and created a playground. We talked about what things are different in other parts of the world like climate, landscape and plant and animal life. Heroes noticed that the people in the stories were on similar journeys to become heroes changing the world, just like they are!

Thanks to all families for attending our exhibition of learning, the excitement and pride that builds near these events is palpable. Heroes worked hard and used creativity and passion in their playground designs and were excited to share lessons and new things they learned this session. In reflecting on what they did our young heroes gain deep understanding of the importance of goal setting and the hard work they do each day. One hero stated she was proud of her accomplishments in writing and math as well as making new friends.

The week ended in a trip into Washington D.C. to visit the African American History Museum. Heroes made connections to previous trips as they talked about the courage and perseverance of the first black baseball players and marveled at music and art that came from African American communities.They also had a chance to paddle along the Tidal Basin and take in the beauty of the cherry blossoms! I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!

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